tesa® ACXplus

Stress Dissipation

Enabled by the viscoelastic behavior of tesa®ACXplus.
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Stress Dissipation
Aluminium on steel, steel on glass, deco glass on fibre composites – dissimilar materials show different elongations when temperatures change. During the life cycle of a component, static and dynamic forces act upon the constructive bond. Stress arises that needs to be dissipated. tesa® ACXplus is able to dissipate these. The high performance of tesa® ACXplus is based on a special feature: viscoelasticity. Viscoelasticity describes a material performance which is defined by both elastic and viscous characteristics.

The elastic restoring forces provide inner strength while the viscous part of the material behaviour leads to relaxation of mechanical stresses. tesa® ACXplus employs a special acrylic adhesive system that combines both effects in an outstanding way.

Due to the viscoelastic behaviour of tesa® ACXplus arising stresses can be optimally dissipated and a secure bond is assured. Extreme temperature changes are accommodated even for bonded substrates with different elongation characteristics.